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Classic styling comes to the men's backpack range. Street-smart, businesslike, sporty – whatever your style choice, Gurgaon Graphics have you covered. This great range of backpacks for men is designed to offer you choice and value. The sportsman in you will appreciate the easily accessible space and great sized pockets. The traveller will enjoy the comfortable, supported feel of the pack, while the modern businessman will really look the part as he commutes via the gym, his cool men's backpack leaving his hands free to pick up those important calls.

Find your perfect fit

The design team at Gurgaon Graphics have created a great selection of men's backpacks with differing functions to suit a variety of needs, so you’re sure to find your perfect fit. Design elements include a choice of closure options including the classic zip around, top loaders and roll tops for easy access. Today's modern man may be headed straight from the gym to work, so our backpacks for men include the option of a handy inner laptop compartment to keep your device secure while you train and travel. Adjustable and padded straps make the backpack customizable for comfortable, supportive wearing. Well-designed pockets are vital for the sportsman, compartments for water bottles need to be stretchy yet strong, and a zipped pocket means essentials such as gym passes, keys, wallets and phones are easy to secure and quick to lay your hands on.

Perfect performance

Optimise your performance by choosing kit and accessories that support your needs, whether you’re headed to the gym, the match, a hike or even a picnic. Your bag needs to be strong enough to withstand everything you challenge it with, and rugged enough for all conditions. Choose a backpack that’s not only great looking but also easy to pack, clear, clean and store, and you’ll be all set for your next event.

Be the master of your world with our customized backpack keeping the things you need the most secure and close to hand. Our range of backpacks for men includes everything you could need, whether you’re heading out to the big match or training session, hitting the trails or going to work.

Choose your perfect companion

Men’s rucksacks cover the full spectrum of on the go activities. Our compact 3-Stripes Power Backpacks provide plenty of room for you sports kit and other essentials; Classic Urban Backpacks offer the ultimate in streamlined practicality, with pockets for water bottles and interior dividers for your laptop, while official football team backpacks from the likes of Manchester United and FC Bayern mean you can support your team wherever you go.

Backpacks for men, designed for comfort

Like your clothes, your bag should fit your body and be comfortable to wear. All of our men’s backpacks are designed with comfort in mind, as well as effortless convenience. Padded adjustable shoulder straps, lightweight breathable fabrics, and additional waist and chest straps for extra stability are just a few of the features used to ensure our range gives you the comfort you need to thrive.

Keep your life on your back

If you’re looking for a men’s backpack that will allow you to keep everything you need with you, you’ll find it in our range. Choose from bags with zip pockets, adjustable straps, multiple compartments and more. Tailor your bag to your style, with a wide range of designs to choose from, including classic trefoil and 3-Stripes designs, slick blacks, streetwise pastels and subtle blues and greens. With an adidas bag on your back you can take what you need with you in style, wherever you go.