Letterpress printing

Letterpress printing and design in Gurgaon

  • Letterpress printing and design Gurgaon
    Letterpress printing is unlike any other type of printing. Printed and embossed into thick, fluffy and cotton-like uncoated paper stocks, letterpress printing really gives you a tactile experience with a classic feel. Paired with great design, letterpress printing really makes a fantastic impression – especially on your business cards, invitations and stationery.We have a professional in-house printing section – Gurgaon Wedding Printing – that focuses on speciality printing techniques including letterpress printing, printing with speciality inks, foils and embellishments. Gurgaon Wedding Printing is an experienced team of creative designers who can provide unique printed designs for wedding invitations. 

    Unlike our competitors we offer bespoke letterpress printing of cards and invitations, without the need to choose from templates and wait 2-3 weeks. We also supply full colour digital printing with foils and embossing, combining the traditional craftsmanship of letterpress printing with the modern ease of digital printing.

  • Is letterpress printing a good choice for my project?

    A few factors need to be considered when choosing letterpress printing for your stationery:

    • Firstly, time! We can print using a letter press method here in India or overseas. The turnaround time can be anywhere from 5- 30 days depending.
    • Secondly, cost! Due to the labour-intensive nature of letterpress is a more costly form of printing. Blocks need to be designed and made and then embossed onto the paper. This additional craftsmanship can add anywhere from 150% – 500% on top of what you would expect to pay for digital or offset printing.
    • Thirdly, design! Letterpress is limited in the amount of colour that can be used. Generally a letterpress product focusses on one or two colours only. Photos and full colour are better served with digital or offset printing.

    Letterpress paper stock options

    Letterpress papers are normally uncoated paper stocks (a paper without a shiny coating on it). Letterpress papers come in a range of thick 600gsm white uncoated papers, from off-white natural looking paper through to bright whites, warm whites and natural white papers with great textures that complement the overall tactile feel.