Pole poster printing and design in Gurgaon



  • Pole posters are a high-impact, visually stimulating medium that are a great marketing tool, especially for entertainment and hospitality industries. Whether you’re a small bar, club, fashion label, theatre or large multinational company – we have you covered! We offer fast, reliable, high quality, full colour offset and digital printing services at competitive prices. What’s more we can design, print and distribute your dazzling posters.You may also be looking for Posters.
  • Pole poster distribution

    Our team is infamous for our extensive pole postering campaigns. With a vast knowledge and understanding of the best areas from north to south, and east to west, we can wrap it round and whip it up faster than you can say “stick it up!”.

    Our experienced staff know when and where to distribute, which areas are restricted and other areas that are no-go zones. This allows us to create a strategic distribution plan. As each client and demographic is different we specifically tailor your campaign to best suit your target audience.

    Custom pole poster design 

    We would love to help you design and print professional promotional material for your business or product. Our design rates are very competitive, and we would love to help with your next project! You will also save time, money and get a much better print result as our design know more about print design than most, and we will ensure your brand is consistent across various print disciplines. Simply let us know what feel, style, and colours you want for your pole poster, and we can help bring your vision to life. Our design service can:

    • Incorporate elements of your existing marketing materials
    • Work with you on the design of your logo
    • Include your supplied images
    • Create something from scratch!

    Popular outdoor poster sizes

    • Offset pole poster size: 345mm x 1000mm
    • Digital pole posters size: 320mmx 910mm
    • A1 poster size: 594mm x 480mm
    • A2 poster size: 420mm x 594mm 
    • A3 poster size: 297mm x 420mm