At Gurgaon Graphics , the critical metric for success in running our business is how we add value to you, the customer. We have been in the printing business for provide services that allow you to both design and print online. We maintain high standards for all products and services to fulfil your unique needs. From personalized flyers, striking posters, giveaways, professional business cards, folded leaflets, and much more. Printing Shop a Gurgaon Graphics

Our printing and design shop is Gurgaon, easy-to-use and delivers highly professional results, meaning you get the most out of the money you put in: High service quality paired with the ability to design and print a whole range of products. Printing Shop a Gurgaon Graphics

Gurgaon Graphics Printing Shop

flyer Printing

Do you need some stunning flyers for your next guerilla marketing campaign? We have you covered. Choose between a range of formats. Our flyers can be folded or unfolded, allowing up to 12 different sides. If you want a glossy finish, UV coating, or lamination, to build the perfect flyer for your advertising campaign, use our online store.


Poster Printing

Poster advertising remains a bedrock of any comprehensive marketing campaign. We offer seven different materials perfect for indoor and outdoor installations. See how beautiful your brand looks displayed over 150 x 70 cm with a fresh, clean finish.

customized Digital poster print in Gurgaon, Gurugram.

Business Card Printing

Freshen up your networking evenings with some trendy new business cards.

  • Standard or folded business cards
  • Up to 450gsm cardstock
  • Spot colors and print finishing available
Gurgaon Graphics business-card-design1

Gurgaon Graphics We offer seven different types of fold for leaflets: examples include the letter fold, Z-fold or combination fold. Leaflets with at least four sides are well-suited for content-heavy leaflets, as they can function as small brochures.

Half Fold Flyers Gurgaon Graphics

Single Fold

The single fold, also known as a layer fold, is the simplest form of folding. Here, the sheet is folded once in the middle. This fold type will transform your folded leaflets in a range of different formats for perfect greeting cards.

Tried fold

Using a letter fold, you can present your information in style with up to 10 sides. Here, the individual sides are wrapped around one side without any change in direction. In this way, two parallel folds produce a total of six sides for your content, for example.

C folder Gurgaon Graphics Shop
Z folder Gurgaon Graphics


With Z-folds, you can display your engaging content on up to 12 sides. Also known as a fanfold, each fold runs in the opposite direction to the previous one in this case.