These are cloth ribbons acting as bookmarks and are sewn into a hardcover book. The color of Ribbon markers are usually coordinated with the color of head and tail bands to achieve a harmonious look.


Finishing Options

Gurgaon Graphics have a range of finishing options to make you book that little bit more special.


This is a finishing technique used to imprint impressed images onto paper in a raised design. This could be used for a graphic image or text. The embossed area can be printed or foil stamped or be left un-printed.  PROMOTIONAL NOTEPADS


Similar to embossing, this finishing technique is used to imprint impressed images or text onto paper, but in a depressed design so the image of text appears sunken on the page. The debossed area can be printed or foil stamped or be left un-printed.


Foil stamping is a specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. The foiling can be done for text or images and is usually

Spot cello glazing

Cello glazing is a process whereby a thin sheet of film is adhered to the printed piece of paper/ board using heat and pressure. There are matt or gloss cello glazing and the process adds depth to colour as well as protecting the printed area it covers.

Spot cello glazing involves  cello glazing on select text or images to help it stand out.

head and tail bands

Head and tail bands are coloured cloth found on the top and bottom of a case bound book where the pages meet the spine and have been around at least since the fifteenth century. Originally they were used to reinforce the binding; these days they are used decoratively to coordinate with the books’ cover or spine or end papers. PROMOTIONAL NOTEPADS

coloured ribbon marker

These are cloth ribbons acting as bookmarks and are sewn into a hardcover book. The color of Ribbon markers are usually coordinated with the color of head and tail bands to achieve a harmonious look.


In the modern business world there’s something reassuring about having a custom printed notepad baring your company logo sitting on your desk while so many other things are transient or uncertain, Promotional Notepads the certainty and convenience provided by a promotional notepad is a short cut to making sure your idea gets noticed in amongst the pea soup of competing attention seekers. For personal use in keeping a to-do list, the items upon which can be crossed off one at a time, there’s nothing more satisfying than a handwritten note on paper. The majority of promotional note pads are custom made to your specifications. You choose the paper style, the print colours, the size and the backing. Printed in larger quantities, the cost per unit falls dramatically

Gurgaon Graphics Notebook binding options 

The most common question we at Gurgaon Graphics get for our bookbinding is what kind of bookbinding should I use? It really comes down to 3 things. The minimum time you have for your books to be printed, the number of pages in the booklets, and the budget.

1. Wire bound

Also called ‘twin loop binding’, wire binding uses a metal loop to bind the spine of the “book”. Wire binding is a popular and affordable choice for binding low volumes of books, including educational resources or company-wide documents. Our wire binding is neat and accurate and will not unravel easily or punch through the text. If you need your book to lie flat or to be opened regularly for reference, we would recommend wire binding.

  • For booklets with any quantity of pages in multiples of 2. 
  • Highest cost per book.

2. Saddle stitched 

This is the best option for your binding needs if you are working with booklets, newsletters, pamphlets, comic books, magazines or catalogues. Involving neither saddles nor stitching it can be a bit confusing but this is the industry jargon for a collection of pages folded in half and secured with 2 staples.

There are 2 types of saddle stitched books that Gurgaon Graphics produce. The first is called ‘self cover’ which basically means that the paper stock used is the same thickness (or GSM) throughout and does not have a heavier cover. The second choice is to have a thicker cover on the booklet. We recommend a 150gsm inner and a 300 gsm cover for best results.

  • For booklets between 8 – 40 pages. The page count is done per panel so if you take a sheet of paper and fold it in half you have 4 pages. This means that the minimum number of pages for a saddle stitched book is 8 or 8pp as we like to say!
  • Lowest cost per book.

3. Perfect bound

Gurgaon Graphics Perfect binding is used on soft cover books (paperback) normally the cover is made from heavier (thicker) paper than the internal pages. When binding large books the printing is done in sections, glued together at the spine creating a square spine. If you would like your booklet to have a spine then perfect binding is for you. Usually a perfect bound book has a 100gsm to 150gsm internal and a thicker 250gsm to 300gsm cover. We can also celloglaze the cover in a matte or gloss finish to give the perfect bound booklet durability and a more professional finish.

  • For booklets over 40 pages. This is with a glued spine rather than staples and will lay flatter than a very thick saddle stitched booklet. Page number needs to be a multiple of 2.
  • Higher cost per book than saddle stitched booklets.

Specialty printing embellishments for book binding 

Various finishes can be applied to thick covers of both digital and offset booklets and documents. These include:

  • Matt/gloss Celloglazing: a thin laminate coating that not only makes your printing look and feel great it increases longevity.
  • Scoring/Folding: makes folding easier on heavy card and reduces the chance of the ink cracking on the folded area.
  • Die cutting: adds an extra dimension to your print by cutting it to shape. Just about any shape is possible.
  • Perforations: make it easier for your customers to redeem your promotions by tearing out pages.
  • Foiling: is available in multiple colours but most common in metallic gold and silver for that regal look.
  • Embossing: add a third dimension to your book.
  • Rounded corners. 

Prices and turnaround times for book cover finishing option available on application.

Hardcover books

Hard cover books require precise measurements and careful consulting to select the perfect book. Hardcover books have cover papers or Buckram that is wrapped (glued) around grey board (approx. 2mm thick) to create your hardcover book. Hard cover books are printed the same way as perfect bound books (in sections with a square spine) however the book is covered with a hard cover. We, at Gurgaon Graphics create hardcover books that are as attractive as they are durable. We use only the highest quality adhesive and binding materials to make sure that once a book is bound it remains that and does not fall apart at the first hint of moisture, heat or pressure.

Crocodile board covers

Crocodile Board is printed with a “Crocodile skin look” is often used for bookbinding. Crocodile Board is a heavy weight pasted board; Excellent Stiffness, rigidity and outstanding durability Crocodile Board Available in four colours – blue, green, grey, red; One sided crocodile print with a white reverse.

Buckram covers / bookcloth 

Buckram Covers are a hard cover make from Buckram; this is a stiff cloth is made from cotton and still occasionally linen.  The glazed finish allows for it to be washable as well as mildew resistant. It is also well suited for gold stamping. Buckram is known as the strongest and most durable of the traditional book cloths. PROMOTIONAL NOTEPADS