Gurgaon Graphics creating promotional notebooks for promoting businesses
At Gurgaon Graphics, provide you best quality and multiple types of options on paper is an important alternative to the digital influences we at Gurgaon Graphics, often find ourselves relying on in the workplace. Gurgaon Graphics custom printed notebooks are also a cost-effective strategy to keep your company’s name and branding front and center to potential customers and partners alike.
  • A5 size
  • Lined paper
  • Perfect for an adventurous loved one!
Remember every adventure with this handy Personalized Wooden Notebook! The cover is engraved with a message to read ‘[Message] Love Your Adventure Stories’ alongside an illustration of a mountain, sun and birds. It’s great for writing down travelling plans, or can be used as a diary to remember all the great adventures they went on!
Size: A5

Relevant to anyone like small business, charity organization, catering service, club, sports center, educational school, or even a corporate company for their growth development and management to improve their local, regional and even international recognition. Wood Diaries and Notebooks

We at Gurgaon Graphics, often improving the familiarity of your brand image occurs by meeting prospective consumers and clients through commercial events, competitive trade shows and comprehensive conferences which, offer fast and friendly professional opportunities to discuss the value of your services with leads. Using company branded notebooks are a subtle piece of corporate stationery that can remind recipients of your services. This is because custom printing to design high quality notebooks is the way to go to create unique ‘miniature billboards’ tailored to your branding whilst also offering something useful that recipients can use over and over again – bringing repeat exposure to your company name, message, logo, and the contact information you include in your artwork design. Wood Diaries and Notebooks

Benefits by ordering personalized notebooks from Gurgaon Graphics

In case you can’t think of benefits for ordering company branded notebooks with online printing, here are 5 quick ways your own promotional notebooks could be kept around for handy and daily use.

– Long term exposure: Custom notebook printing is a way you can advertise your company details and business identity on an item that is constructed from durable materials meant for repeat usage. Offering such gifts to prospective customers and clients means you get a long term ‘advert’ from very little investment. Wood Diaries and Notebooks

– Good impression: Encouraging a favorable impression is important to any business’s brand image. Even though personalized notebooks can be shared without an obligation, it is a positive gesture, which can make the difference between a client choosing your services over that of another. Wood Diaries and Notebooks

– Practical use: Though custom journals with your logo can be an effective tool for boosting brand awareness and promotion, they’re also exceptionally practical for the receiver. Almost anyone can appreciate a portable pad that can be used at home, the office or another workspace to think of solutions, make notes, and have a way to write down thoughts on the mind. Conveniently, the non-digital nature of promotional notebooks means they don’t require instructions, batteries, and are very hard (if not kind of impossible) to break.

– Affordable: Custom printed notebooks have a high value to marketing campaigns and are luckily offered at a reasonable price. Hello print has an competitive price list and recommends wholesale notebooks because they gets you more for bang for your buck in the India.

– Proper customization: Getting bulk notebooks printed with an image, logo, or message is possible with different litho and digital printing techniques available today. You can also specify the quantity of pages needed, among other look and delivery details.

Promotional wholesale notebooks

There are too many possibilities to list regarding ways to personalize notebooks since they’re available in different colors, sizes (e.g. A4, A5, A6, A7.) and models to suit every personal need and marketing budget. From environmentally friendly custom spiral notebooks with recycled material to small pocket-sized notebooks; we deliver the exact ones you want with your unique print design to produce a high quality end result. For example, a notebook logo in particular is not difficult to organize for notebooks. It’s a matter of customizing your design layout to match your company branding whilst appealing to customers with a witty artwork or slogan to grab more attention. Then, it’s just about saving your artwork in a PDF file format (for this product a vector PDF file is used to ensure print quality is up to standard and not blurry)

Still for increased success, personalizing the cover design to making sure it’s unique and appreciated is worth doing. Including your embossed or printed logo design is essential as well. This will be helped by a premium finish to the materials which, can ensure that recipients want to use any of the bulk notebooks. Making your design as relevant to your target audience as possible will make your notebooks an advertising gift worth holding onto.

Gurgaon Graphics Customized Note Books


Hardback Book

Gurgaon Graphics High quality A4 or A5 hardback notebooks, with customisable covers. Each book has 160 pages ruled with 8mm lines on high quality paper.

Refill Pad

Gurgaon Graphics Customisable A4 refill pads, glued at the top, each with 160 white pages. These refill pads are made with high quality 75gsm paper, 8mm ruled with margin.



Gurgaon Graphics Twinwire Notebooks to choose from our range of sizes from A4 to A6. Each book is made with high quality paper with 160 pages ruled with 8mm lines.

Printed and handmade in Europe

Gurgaon Graphics Notebook products are also in handmade, with many years of experience in crafting a wide range of paper products.